Meet the Crew

George Malhiot, SAMS Surveyor, ABYC Certified in Marine Systems, and USPAP Compliant as an Appraiser

George Malhiot is USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) Compliant Appraisal, SA SAMS® Surveyor, ABYC Certified Technician in Marine Systems, and ABYC Standards Supplements, Boat Mechanic on Gas and Diesel, Thru-Hull Structural Repairs of Vessels, Plumbing of Fresh and Saltwater system. Electrical Charging and Inverter Systems, ABYC Member #37537680, Former U.S. Coast Guard Aux Member, Member of the National Fire Protection Association #5397792 and the National Safe Boating Council.  AA/Paralegal Studies at Coastline Community College, JD Studies at Taft Law School.

Warren Lees, Engine Surveyor

Warren Lees has been a mechanic for over 40 years, from building race cars to the boat building industry which led him into the Marine Industry as a Mobile Mechanic for Gas and Diesel Motors and it’s marinization as well as Electronics. Mr. Lees is a retired mechanic, his overall goal is to provide a service through Ocean Marine Surveyor, Inc as a Mechanical Surveyor in helping the public in preventing any issue for new owners and providing recommendations in maintaining the vessel’s propulsion. His overall goal is to consult and to report what is seen and verify the vessel’s performance.


We strive as we work together on your vessel under contract to seek, verify and report anything that is of concern in your purchase. Your investment in a Survey and Engine Survey will help save you money in negotiations as well as verifying the suitability of the vessel.