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Marine survey companies provide marine inspection services through visual inspection of the condition and operation of marine ocean craft and its systems. We specialize in surveys and appraisals of yachts and recreational marine vessels.

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Spring is Here and Summer is Near – Boat Safety

Boat Safety is a great topic to review when Spring is approaching and the Summer is Near.

Boat Owners need to look for the Following:

  • The Ball Valves –  You need operate the Valve by opening and closing.
  • The Thru-hulls – You need to make sure they are clear.
    • Check the metal, especially boats that are slipped in the marina for degradation of the metal, pinking of Bronze or Brass.
  • Bilge Pumps – Make sure they are working by turning switch on and off.
  • Bilge Pump float switches – Lift the switch up and down to confirm they are working.
  • Coolant – Verify the coolant is full and clean.
  • Oil –  Oil should be changed and full.
  • Fuel Filters – Change the water / fuel separator every season.
  • Safety Equipment – All Coast Guard Required equipment needs to be updated. Don’t be caught with outdated equipment. You will get cited and worse yet, don’t get caught in an emergency and it’s out dated and doesn’t work.

More to come later… Happy Boating and Stay Safe


National Safe Boating Council


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