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Marine survey companies provide marine inspection services through visual inspection of the condition and operation of marine ocean craft and its systems. We specialize in surveys and appraisals of yachts and recreational marine vessels.

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Oil Analysis – Why So Important

Obtaining an Oil Analysis gives an “Inside” view as to what is going on with an engine. It can be any kind of engine that you want to know, prior to purchasing what is going on. for example, had a client that was purchasing a vessel that had twin Detroit’s.6-71s. Port motor and the Generator was in Normal range of wear but the Starboard Motor was abnormal in which indicated excessive wear. Possible Catastrophic failure could happen which means a good 30,000 to 60,000 dollar repair job. A simple investment in oil samples along with your survey is why it is so important to complete an Oil Analysis. We will now offer this service to you because we are here to protect you and speak on behalf of the vessel you are purchasing. Whether Gas, Diesel, Outboard, generator, transmission, it is imperative to obtain an Oil Analysis.

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